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Expertise Matters:

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Senior Stylist - Lead Educator

Fourteen Years Experience.  
Holds National Education License.  
American Crew National Educator


About The Artist:

Mallory makes decisions and time feel effortless.   Her customer service is the product of an empathetic personality refined by Disney Institute. Her sophisticated world view goes unnoticed until that moment you realize it’s there.   She is a national educator for American Crew and one of the top veterans on our cutting floor.  In a busy world, a haircut with Mallory is 45 minutes you’ll actually look forward to.  

Favorite Drink and Where:  
Espresso Martini - Negrita Bar, Greece
best barbershop charlotte

Menu of Services 

Full Service Cut - 45 minutes 


New Client Full Service Cut - 1 hour


Transformation Cut - 1 hour


Straight Razor Shave - 45 Minutes 


Beard Line Up and Trim - 30 Minutes


Beard Trim Only - 15 minutes 



Straight Razor Head Shave - 30 Minutes 


Face Rejuvenation  - 1 Hour


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