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Shaves and Grooming Services

Shaves & Grooming,

Razor-sharp shaves and grooming—
with no nicks in sight.

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Commitment to Excellence

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Tailored Luxury Offerings

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Our Professional Shave

  Feel elevated with a professional and clean shave from Emerson Joseph, always perfectly tailored to your face shape and preferences. 

$40.00 - $84.00

30 min
Beard Line-Up

Spend less time fiddling in front of the mirror and more time looking sharp with a professional beard line-up at Emerson Joseph. Precision shaving creates lines and edges that accentuate your jaw and cheekbones for a more masculine look.

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$23.00 - $42.00

15 min
Beard Trim

Regular beard maintenance is the key to keeping your facial hair healthy and looking its absolute best. Tighten up your beard with a premium trim from one of our expert stylists to stand out from the crowd.

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30 min
Hand Detail

Put your best hand forward with 30 minutes of premium hand detailing at Emerson Joseph. After a hand and forearm massage, exfoliating scrub, buffing, cuticle care, and nail shaping, you’re sure to feel your most confident.

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15 min
Neck Trim

Shaving and grooming between haircuts is almost as important as the cut itself. Stop by for a quick neck trim that keeps you looking professional even if you aren’t ready for a full-blown haircut quite yet. This is especially important for men who are growing their hair out.

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$54.00 - $125.00

45 min
Straight Razor Head Shave

Whether you're thinning on top or just prefer a decidedly clean look, a professional head shave from us will keep you stylish. Hot towels, hot shaving lather, and soothing aftershave balm guarantee you an invigorating experience.

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$70.00 - $125.00

45 min - 1 hr
Straight Razor Shave

Nothing rejuvenates quite like having a hot towel wrapped around your face and the soothing tingle of hot shave cream. Our licensed staff have been expertly trained in the art of giving a barber-style shave to provide an unmatched premium experience.

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2 hr 30 min
Body Trim

This bespoke alternative to waxing is a perfect combination of relaxation and utility. Our styling expert will trim you from the neck down, balancing aesthetics with comfort so you feel as fresh as you look. Includes a full body clipper, clean razor, exfoliating scrub, and revitalizing E serum.

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Our Clients

No one is better at cutting my hair than Carly – she is a master at her craft.  The vibe at Emerson Joseph is upscale and cool and the staff is always friendly and attentive. Though I currently reside in Florida, I fly to Charlotte just to receive the perfect cut from Carly.
Steve Phelps,
President of Nascar
Our Clients - Emerson Joseph
I've been a loyal Emerson Joseph client for over a decade.  Carly came highly recommended as the best stylist in Charlotte and I have never looked back. Great atmosphere, consistent quality, and incredible hospitality. No need to go anywhere else.
Tom Finke,
Board Director Invesco
Former Chairman and CEO Barings
Our Clients - Emerson Joseph

Why Emerson Joseph?

Choose Emerson Joseph for unparalleled body massage services. Our expert therapists, tailored treatments, and serene ambiance converge to create a haven of relaxation, ensuring a truly transformative and rejuvenating session.
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Attention to detail

Perfection is the standard at Emerson Joseph.
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We tailor our services to your wants and needs.
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Premium Atmosphere

You won’t find a more elevated environment anywhere.
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Continued Education

We’re always refining our skills to serve you better.
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Esteemed Reputation

If you know Emerson Joseph, you know.
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Trust & Reliability

Get the same cut, shave, or massage you love every time.


Are there any aftercare instructions for professional shaving?Accordion Symbol

You should always rinse your skin with cold water after shaving to close the pores and apply an aftershave product. Then, you should apply a moisturizer. You shouldn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary after a professional shave.

What’s the difference between a straight razor shave and other shaving methods?Accordion Symbol

The quintessential “barber shave” you’re looking for requires a straight razor, as they are sharper and provide a closer shave. They require more skill and practice to use than an electric razor or cartridge razors, both of which provide inferior results.

Can I request a specific groomer for my appointment?Accordion Symbol

When booking a professional shave or grooming service, you will have the option to book with a specific stylist. Their prices and availability will vary.

What is your cancellation policy?Accordion Symbol

We respect that life happens. With that in mind, we also ask that you respect the time of our stylists as they keep busy schedules. Cancellations with more than 24 hours’ notice will not result in any penalties. However, cancellations with less than three hours’ notice will result in you being billed for 50% of the ticket price. Less than three hours' notice on a cancellation will result in you being billed for your full ticket price.
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