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Our Expert Hair

At Emerson Joseph, we’ve developed a team of men’s hair stylists who exemplify our commitment to excellence. When you entrust us with your grooming needs, every visit becomes a testament to our expertise and superior service.

Carly, Technical Director - Emerson Joseph

Meet Carly: Our Technical Director

It all starts with Carly, our Technical Director and a national educator.

With 18 years of experience and counting, Carly plays a pivotal role in our commitment to grooming excellence. As the leader of our team, she oversees every aspect of our grooming services, ensuring precision and innovation. Her talent, education, and style set the standard for our stylists, making her an integral part of the Emerson Joseph experience for our clientele.

Whether you request a cut or a shave with Carly, you can expect an unparalleled experience from one of the best hair stylists for men in the industry.

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Meet the Stylists

Collectively, our highly experienced men’s hair stylists form the best team in North America. Allow us to introduce you to the experts.

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The Consultation

We empower our clientele through a thorough pre-cut consultation designed to guarantee exceptional results. Unlike other expert hair stylists, we always take the time to thoroughly understand your preferences, needs, and lifestyle.

This collaborative approach is the cornerstone of achieving your desired look. You can also expect our stylists to offer personalized recommendations—from tailored grooming routines to product suggestions and maintenance tips—crafted to enhance and maintain your style effortlessly.

We believe in more than just a haircut; it’s a partnership between you and your professional hair stylist. We ensure each visit is a personalized, transformative experience customized to your distinct identity and grooming requirements.

The Consultation Process - Emerson Joseph
Our Methodology - Emerson Joseph

Our Methodology

Emerson Joseph’s commitment to precision and detail crafts a uniquely personalized grooming experience for every client. Our expert hair stylists prioritize client satisfaction and well-being, fostering a comfortable and enjoyable experience underscored by exceptional service.

We start by offering you a drink—whiskey or beer?—and offering you a relaxing scalp massage and hair wash. With a hot towel on your neck, you’ll sit down for a precision cut complete with hand detailing, cleansing re-shampoo, and styling.

We’ve meticulously selected premium products and tools to ensure optimal outcomes. We’ll only trim, cut, and style your hair with the absolute best available, allowing us to consistently exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled client care.


Education & Training

Education and training are at the core of everything we do at Emerson Joseph. All of our men’s hair stylists undergo a specialized training process to ensure the services they deliver reflect the consistent and amazing results that are synonymous with our brand.

We hold ourselves and our team to such high standards because we care. Our investment in talent development not only enhances client satisfaction but also fosters long-term customer retention.

We believe in continuous learning, encouraging our stylists to stay at the forefront of industry trends through ongoing education and professional development. It’s this mindset and dedication to constantly refining our services that keeps us a cut above the rest.

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Education & Training - Emerson Joseph
The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Logo

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

Our stylists undergo hospitality and leadership training at the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center to ensure a second-to-none customer experience. This training elevates our service standards, from the presentation of our establishment and service to the criteria guiding our hiring decisions.

Double Quotes - Emerson Joseph

Over the years I've had the incredible opportunity to teach advanced cutting to the team at Emerson Joseph. The Stylists maintain such a high skill level that it allows me to focus on the details essential to creating great men's haircuts.

Paul Wilson,
Global Artistic Director of American Crew

Paul Wilson, Testimonial - Emerson Joseph
American Crew Logo

American Crew ACED Certified

Emerson Joseph is proud to follow the American Crew approach. All our men’s hair stylists have completed ACED training and implement their learnings in every cut and shave. They follow a proven and repeatable process that’s personalized to our clients, ensuring consistently premium results every time.

Tonya Hanna, Testimonial - Emerson Joseph
Double Quotes - Emerson Joseph

American Crew is honored to have such a dedicated partner in Emerson Joseph. Our businesses are like minded in the sense that we put education at the forefront of everything we do. The staff has outstanding skills and, as the Director of Education for American Crew, I would recommend any one of them.

Tonya Hanna,
Director of Education at American Crew
Former Chairman and CEO Barings

Our Services & Pricing


First Time Guests: Full Service Haircut

45 min - 1h

$54 - $150

Full Service Cut

45 min - 1h

$49 - $140

Transformation Cut


$100 - $166

The Aspiring Gentleman (Ages 10-17)

45 min

$49 - $84

Note: price varies depending on the stylist

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Beard Line-up

30 min

$40 - $84

Beard Trim

15 min

$23 - $42

Brow Trim

15 min


Neck Trim

15 min


Straight Razor Head Shave

30 min

$40 - $84

Straight Razor Shave

15 min

$23 - $42

Body Trim

15 min


Note: price varies depending on the stylist

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A Haircut Is Only As Good As The Stylist - Emerson Joseph

A Haircut Is Only as Good as the Stylist

The best hair stylists for men work at
Emerson Joseph—the proof is in your haircut.

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