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Expertise Matters:

best charlotte hair salons

Senior Stylist 

Thirteen Years Experience 
American Crew National Educator 
Internationally Published Artist on BTC


About The Artist:

Classic style and good conversation.    This may sound crazy, but Perri is probably one of the coolest people out there.   Her disarming style makes you feel like she was just part of your group for years.  Oh, and shes a member of the American Crew national education team, Team Crew.   Your haircut will be as good as they come.   

Favorite Drink and Where: 
Pina Colada - Wyndham Resort, Clearwater Florida
best charlotte hair salon

Menu of Services 

Full Service Cut - 45 minutes 


New Client Full Service Cut - 1 hour


Transformation Cut - 1 hour


Straight Razor Shave - 45 Minutes 


Beard Line Up and Trim - 30 Minutes


Beard Trim Only - 15 minutes 



Straight Razor Head Shave - 30 Minutes 


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